Our Project

Hello Black America!

Welcome to The Black America’s Struggle (BAS) Project. The brainchild of Komi Akpalo.

The objective of this project is to illustrate the many daily encounters between Black America and racism. We want to create another medium through which we can show our struggle.

Black America has marched and protested. We’ve voiced our discontent with the injustices. Now we approach it differently.

We begin by asking members of the Black Community share an instance in which they’ve faced racial discrimination. Let us know what happened, and how you felt.

It’s that simple.

How can you reach out to us?

– Send us a handwritten letter – This will be added to others to create a book. Please express anonymity if desired
Mail to: 119 South Mayfair Ave #6Daly City, CA 940152.

– Record yourself in video – This will added to our YouTube channel Email to: blackamericastruggle@gmail.com
YouTube Channel: Black America’s Struggle.

– Follow and Tweet at us, like us on Facebook, and share this project with everyone you know.
Twitter: @bastruggle Facebook: @bastruggle